This is where I overshare.

If you're a recruiter, you can probably find all you need at my LinkedIn!

Also, the information below is non-exhaustive; just the highlights.



My hometown has been Melbourne for most of my life.

I lived in New York for a spell, though. I was born in Shanghai but I don't really remember much of it.


My official job title is Software Engineer.

Sometimes, I'm known as a Full Stack Software Developer.

Years of Service

I've been practicing as a freelancer since 2015 and professionally (full-time) since 2017.

I started programming in 2010 on my dad's old Windows NT workstation!


I hold a B.Sci from the University of Melbourne in Computing and Software Systems.

This is equivalent to a Computer Science major.


While at university, I co-founded and was the first President and speaker for the University of Melbourne Information Security Club.

I also was in a few social and music clubs!


My biggest passion is music!

I've composed hundreds of songs and love both jamming and gigging.

I play guitar, piano, bass, clarinet, and I sing.


Main Language

I speak English at a native proficiency.

Furthermore, I consider myself a strong technical writer.

Other Languages

I have an aural and speaking proficiency in Mandarin Chinese.

I have a basic written and aural proficiency in French.

Main Programming Language

My fallback and scripting programming language is Python.

Specifically, Python 3. I have almost completely phased out Python 2 from my life.

Frontend Languages

I use TypeScript and React to build apps. I add Electron for x-platform desktop, React Native for x-platform mobile, Next.js for websites...

I also target iOS and iPhoneOS with Swift.

System Languages

I use Python and C primarily as system programming languages. I am very proficient in Java and proficient in Go, C#, and PHP.

I am learning (and loving) Rust as a go-to replacement for all of this!


I'm strong in relational and noSQL database management (PostgreSQL, Firestore, etc).

I am proficient with Unity for game development, Django for MVC, and both headless CMSes and SSGs for content.

This site was built entirely in TypeScript + React using the Next.js framework! It is statically generated (SSG) with absolutely no dynamic content, not even in the form of an AJAX query.


Code Editor

I strongly prefer JetBrains IDEs for all programming.

I know my way around Vim.

I use Fira Code as my monospace font. It has ligatures!


I am a big fan of GitHub and what they are doing!

I use it for all my git (source code) repositories, but I appreciate the project management and CI/CD tools too.

Prototypes and Wireframes

I lightly use Figma and Affinity software for UX design work.

I'm no designer, though. I ensure what I make is usable, modern, and accessible, but I have an overwhelmingly technical background.